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Cabin Car

CCMk2 Red & Blue.jpg
CCMk2 Red.jpg

A scooter that feels and looks like a car

The Cabin Car Mk2 is the most advanced Mobility Scooter in the world! Featuring reversing camera, USB Charging ports and full internal heater, it really does have all the creature comforts of a car! The soft suspension and long range batteries keep it going for hours, and the familiar digital dashboard makes driving simple!

Available in four colours, each Cabin Car Mk2 has it's bodywork hand sculpted at our Suffolk based plant, before the automotive-grade paint is applied by specialists. If you'd like a custom colour, speak to your Scooterpac retailer and they can walk you through the extensive options list.

Up to 22 Mile Standard Range

Up to 30 Mile Upgraded Range

Reversing Camera and Sensors

Secure Remote Locking

L.E.D Head Lights

USB Charging Ports

Overall Length: 142cm

Overall Width: 69cm

User Weight: 28 Stone

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  Standard Features  

  Optional Extras  

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