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Power Chairs

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Expert Power Chair Consultants

Our Seating Consultants have spent many years in the industry, and are passionate about providing powerchairs for our customers. From standard to custom we have it all! 

Power Chairs designed around you!

Frequently Asked Questions.


Want Something that is cost effective and capable for indoor and basic outdoor use?

What do I do if I want to see a powerchair? - You can either contact us via our contact page, call us on 0800 0461647 or follow this link Contact Ability Plus.

How long till I can get a powerchair? - This can vary depending on what model and manufacturer you have chosen. We can give you a much better detail of time once we know what you have chosen but as a general rule two to eight weeks. Contact Ability Plus.

Do I need insurance? - Legally no, but with Ability Plus you will get your first 12 months free at NO additional cost, at least you will be safe in the knowledge that you are covered for most eventualities.

What happens if I break down? - The insurance we provide does cover 24/7 breakdown. So be safe in the knowledge you are covered. (Our Insurance Provider Link).

What happens when I contact you? - Generally, we would have an over-phone consultation. This will allow us to make initial product recommendations. After this phone call of we will book a convenient time and date for an at-home assessment, which is free and without obligation. This will usually take about 1 hour.


Standard +

Needing more features? Whilst being cost effective and capable of most situations?

Special Build

Needing the very best? Needing special seating requirements? These are the very best!


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