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The Escape Lite Self Propelled

Lightweight & Foldable Aluminum Frame

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight wheelchair that can be folded into a compact size or a model with specific functionality meeting all your needs, Days offers a wide range of mobility aids! The Days Escape Lite Self-Propelled Wheelchair is designed for use without assistance, making it ideal for the independent and occasional user. With an extremely light and foldable aluminium frame, the Escape Lite has been specially designed for ease of transportation and storage without the use of tools.

Accommodates Most Wheelchair Users

If you require something a bit more heavy duty, a wider seat width is available to accommodate the needs of a larger user. Suited to use indoors or outside, the Escape Lite wheelchair comes in a choice of two seat widths, the standard 46 cm (18”) and a narrow wheelchair with a 41cm (16") seat. Other technical specifications of the chair include: seat depth 41cm, seat height (front) 51.5cm, seat height (rear) 49.5cm, backrest height above seat 40cm.

Provides a Myriad of Features

The Escape Lite Self-Propelled has comfortable padded upholstery, full length armrests, and a half folding back. Features detachable swing-away footrests, measuring 40-56 cm in length, making transfers in and out of the wheelchair easier. The attendant brakes with rear steppers help to stop and slow the wheelchair while managing curbs and steps during use. The chair is also available in different colours for you to have personalised for everyday use.

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