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Why do our customers trust AbilityPlus to look after them?

At AbilityPlus our philosophy is to make sure we do everything we possibly can to provide the best outcome for each of our customers.

This proactive culture cascades down from our owner, Graham Johnson, who ensures all staff within the group recognise the importance of fully understanding our customers’ requirements, and play an active part in exceeding their expectations. Putting customers at the centre of our strategy has facilitated the successful growth of the company from a single retail store in 2006, to 4 retail outlets and a warehousing unit in 2017.

We continue to believe in traditional values and the simple concept that if we always do our very best for our customers, we will earn their trust and loyalty, and build excellent long-term relationships, which will benefit both parties.

The AbilityPlus Pledge underlines our total commitment to customers

We will always:

  • give you free, expert and impartial advice

  • help you, no matter how big, small, or difficult the challenge 

  • be there for you when and where you need us

Home Visit/Assessment

We offer a FREE, “No Obligation” Home Visit service at a time to suit you. One of our friendly technicians will spend time with you to establish your specific requirements and also your preferences.

Our technician will then:

  • carefully explain the options which are best suited to meet your needs

  • answer any questions you may have

  • provide you with a detailed written quotation to consider at your leisure

We want every customer to take their time and be completely satisfied with our proposal, so we promise that at no time during the Home Visit will we ask you to sign a contract or verbally commit to buying any product. 

Rise & Recline chairs

*Where the product is a Rise & Recline chair we will discuss with you:

  • The style of chair you would like

  • Your choice of fabric – we have a comprehensive range of colours and materials (including waterproof fabrics) from which you can choose, to complement your home decor

  • Where in the home you want the chair to be positioned

  • The type of functionality you are seeking from the chair (whether you want simultaneous head-raising and foot-lowering via a single motor, or for these to be controlled independently using dual motors).

  • If you are considering a custom-made chair we will also take the relevant measurements required for the build so that we can create the perfect bespoke chair tailored to your precise requirements

Electrically Operated Beds

*Where the product is a bed we will discuss with you:

  • The type of bed you would like (Single / double, and type of mattress)

  • The type of material you would like covering the bed base so that it will blend in with your home – we have a wide range of colours and textures to choose from

  • Where in the home you want the bed to be positioned

  • The functionality you want in respect of your bed, for example, raise head & feet sections only, raise the middle as well, or simply raise and lower the whole bed frame horizontally. With a double bed you can have split mattresses, with separate controls for each side, or one mattress and one control).

  • If you are considering a custom-made bed we will take the measurements required for the build so that we create the perfect bespoke bed, tailored to your precise requirements.

Electrically Operated Stair lifts

*Where the product is a stair lift we will discuss with you:

  • Your requirements and preferences regarding the stairlift

  • The options best suited to your stated requirements, and to the type of staircase you have

  • Which colour stair rail and seat you want in order to blend in with your staircase/decor

  • Whether you want to install any upgrades or accessories on the lift

  • We will take precise measurements of the staircase to ensure that the stairlift fits and functions perfectly

You will receive a written quotation setting out full details of the product and the costs involved, (along with any finance options available?)

Bath Lifts

Delivery and Installation

When you decide to proceed, we will arrange a convenient date for delivery and on the appointed day our trained technicians will bring the equipment and set this up for you. They will then demonstrate the product and answer any questions you may have, to be sure that you are totally familiar with how this works.

Once you confirm that you are happy with the installation and operation of the product, our technicians will tidy up the work area (taking away any packaging material with them) and leave you to enjoy your new purchase in the peace and quiet of your own home!

Do your products come with any warranty?

Yes. Every major product we sell comes with a three-year warranty. More importantly, in the unlikely event that any remedial work is required, our own trained technicians are able to do most of this themselves. This allows us to respond quickly and put matters right for you in no time…….so you won’t have to worry about doing the paperwork, or a lengthy delay before the item will be ready for you again!

What after-sales service does AbilityPlus offer?

The “Customer always comes first” culture extends throughout the business, and is particularly important to our Customer Service staff. The success and significant growth of our business has been built on the foundation of the excellent customer service consistently provided over the years, which our customers tell us is virtually non-existent when dealing with other retailers, especially the online companies.

Home delivery

A friendly home delivery and installation service is included in the price of all our stairlifts, chairs and beds. When our delivery team arrives, they will check where you would like your chair or bed to be positioned and they will set it up for you, and demonstrate how it works. Only when you confirm you are happy with everything will they tidy up and leave.

Pre-planned Maintenance and Emergency Breakdown support

You can pre-book one of our experienced engineers to carry out periodic maintenance services as and when required, for any of your mobility equipment.

We also provide out of hours a breakdown and recovery /emergency response service for customers who have bought equipment from us, which guarantees a rapid response if that equipment breaks down.


Are any of your products eligible for VAT exemption?

Yes. Our products are designed to help those with a disability or illness, so will be eligible for exemption from VAT, providing the buyer meets the requirements set out by HMRC.

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