Finance Available

At Ability Plus, we take our responsibility of being a trusted retailer very seriously. As such, we do not actively encourage our customers to borrow funds to purchase any of our products. However, we are regularly asked whether we offer finance and as such we do offer finance by carefully selected providers.

Divide Buy is one of the UK’s largest retail finance providers. They offer ‘interest free’ loans* subject to an application process that will include credit checks. Our customers should be aware that this provider charges the retailer for this provision and as such Ability Plus reserves the right to require the customer to pay pay an administration fee commensurate to the costs levied by the finance provider to us, the retailer. This fee is called a ‘Merchant Service Charge’. This charge varies between 8% of the loan amount (for payments over 3 months) to 10% of the loan amount (for payments over 12 months). 

Ability Plus apply this principle to ensure that we can keep our prices as slim as we can. This method means we do not have to apply price rises across our products and as such if you are purchasing without finance you will not be paying more.
If you wish to consider purchasing our products via Divide Buy please ask our staff member who will guide you through the process.


*Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help go to’.

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