I-Go Plus

Durable, lightweight and portable

Following on from the success of the original I-GO, it was clear that there was a demand on the market for a heavier-duty foldIng powerchair. While the original I-GO was a great product for use on flat and smooth surfaces, it's outdoor capabilities were limited.

The I-Go+ is a direct response to this need, and has been re-designed from the ground up to easily tackle your everyday outdoor pavement scenarios while feeling more stable. Featuring front suspension, an upgraded padded seat and backrest, convenient under-seat storage and ample foot room, the iGO+ still retains the compact and lightweight design of it's predecessor that can fold in just a few simple steps for effortless transport.

All high-stress components including the motors have also been completely replaced with more durable counterparts, and the wheel size has also been increased to help further smooth out the bumps you might encounter while out and about while an upgraded 18 amp lithium battery ensures you have the same reliable range as a heavy duty boot scooter

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