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The Espirit


Featuring new innovative gyro technology, the compact wheelbase gives enhanced manoeuvrability making the narrowest of environments easier to negotiate. The rear wheels are repositioned frontward for better traction and a smaller turning radius. Inclines of up to 6° are effortless, smooth and stable. The new gyro technology reduces acceleration according to the degree of the slope and quickly detects when the wheelchair is on a tilt.

Key features

Innovative gyro technology for enhanced manoeuvrability Compact wheelbase easily negotiates narrow spaces.

  • Effortlessly handles inclines up to 6 degrees 14" rear wheels for improved drive performance

  • Easy to transport with its folding frame and simple to remove powered rear wheels and battery

  • Highly configurable powerchair with range of seat sizes, postural backs, options and accessories.

  • Speed up to 6km/h with a range up to 15km

  • Max user weight 125kg

  • Available in either an Adult or Junior version.

Disclaimer: Ability Plus will not accept any prescription forms until one of our fully trained assessors have done a assessment 

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