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Active Wheelchairs customised for you

We work with you to find and customise an Active Wheelchair that perfectly fits your personality and lifestyle.

What we offer

Do you have an NHS PWB voucher? We can help you get a better chair, more quickly.

Free no obligation home assessments with product demonstrations and prescription service.

Try before you buy from our wide selection of rigid and folding frame Active Wheelchairs with a host of customisable options.

Active Wheelchair experts trained by occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

Friendly and knowledgable staff, with local Kent stores and 1000's of happy customers.


What we provide

3 year warranty and callout as standard with all chairs.

A dedicated engineering team for all your needs.

FREE 12 months call-outs for adjustments. Rest assured that our engineers will be on-hand to keep you moving.

Optional insurance – Always be safe in the knowledge that you are covered for most eventualities.


Need some help? Call our friendly experts to book a demonstration at home or in-store!


Discover Your Perfect Chair with a FREE, no obligation, Home Assessment

We make finding the perfect Active Wheelchair fun and easy. One of our experts will come to you with at least three chairs to try. The detailed personal assessment lasts around 90 minutes and we complete the prescription form.

Book Your Free Demonstration Today, Contact Us Now

How does it work?

Our many years of experience has helped us to develop an essential five stage process to finding, fitting, building and delivering the ideal Active Wheelchair for your needs:

1. Initial consultation

This is a great opportunity to speak to one of our experts who can begin to understand your personal needs and make initial product recommendations. This often happens over the phone or in one of our stores.

2. FREE At-home assessment

We will come to you at home and undertake a comprehensive assessment. This is essential in enabling our experts to fully understand your individual needs. Lasting around 90 minutes, you can try three chairs, select the right one and we'll complete the prescription with you.

3. Order and customisation

If you decide to order the recommended Active Wheelchair, we’ll include all of the custom features and optional extras that will make the chair uniquely yours. Our engineers will then assemble and fully test your chair to ensure everything is as it should be.

4. Delivery and setup

The exciting part – when we deliver you your brand new wheelchair! We will setup the chair, show you how all of the functions work and provide advice on how to get the most out of your shiny new product.

5. Aftercare

Have a question or can’t quite remember a particular function? Simply call our friendly aftercare team who will be happy to help. Your ability is our priority!

Ready to discuss your needs?
Our experts are waiting for your call.

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What our customers say…


‘We did not like the idea of purchasing one from the internet as we wanted to see it and feel how comfortable it would be. You just never know what is going to be delivered! I would recommend and use Ability Plus again.’
– Jean Bernard

Arrange a FREE Assessment and Demonstration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Active Wheelchairs heavy?

A: The Range of our active chairs Varies Greatly, but rest assured we can find a chair that will work, with new technology enrolling into the mobility industry, we can now provide full Carbon Fibre frames weighing as little as 3.5kg!


Q: What’s right for me - folding or rigid?

A: It all depends on your lifestyle, both chairs have advantages and disadvantages, for example, a folding chair is very compact, meaning for storage or small cars it can be ideal. They’re also very easy to fold and unfold because they are based on cross frames which have been around for years. The rigid chair though also has many benefits, without the cross frame the chairs can be much lighter, and without lots of nuts and bolts, the chair becomes more roll efficient, meaning it takes less energy to move the chair.  


Q: Is there any training needed to use one of these products?

A: There is no formal or legal training needed, however there are many TIPS AND TRICKS our experts can help you identify! 


Q: How long does an assessment for an Active Wheelchair take? 

A: Usually they would last around 90 minutes, however this can vary.


Q: How Do I know Which Product Would Suit My Needs?

A:  Our experts are on hand to offer you advice and we take multiple things into consideration when making suggestions for you to try. We can normally identify a selection of suitable products after a telephone consultation with our experts. Following this we will come to you with those products for you to have a try!


Q: Do I have to pay VAT on these products? 

A: There is no VAT on medical products where the user has a chronic illness lasting longer than sixth months.

Need some more help? Call our friendly experts…

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