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Why Should You Service A Power Chair?

Why is it so important to have a service done annually?

Your safety is important to us that's why we recommend that you get your Power chair serviced every year!


When using your Power chair daily, lots of muck and grit can get caught up in hard to reach places such as the electrical components. Our trained engineers use specialist tools and equipment to access under the shell of your Chair and give it a thorough check.


When servicing your Power Chair we look after it with complete care and check over everything right down to the last bolt. We check over all the mechanical components and make sure the battery is fully checked. We keep in contact with you to let you know how its going and whether there are any faults or if there are any parts that will need replacing and make sure you are happy with the extra cost before doing the extra work on your scooter.

Give us a call and book in for your service today!
0800 046 1647
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