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Custom Build
Power Chairs designed for you

We work with you to design Power Chairs that help you to move in comfort and with manoeuvrability…

What we offer

Years of expert knowledge and experience.

A wide range of Power Chairs that you can see and try in one of our local stores.

Free, no obligation home assessments and demonstrations.

Friendly, expert staff available to answer any questions that you may have.


What we provide

3 year warranty and callout as standard with all chairs.

FREE 12 months insurance – Always be safe in the knowledge that you are covered for most eventualities.


24/7 breakdown, FREE for 12 months. Rest assured that our engineers will be on-hand to keep you moving.

A dedicated engineering team for all your needs.

Award-winning Motability scheme provider.


Need some help? Call our friendly experts…

Got a question or would prefer an email/call back? Simply submit a form and we'll be in touch.

How does it work?

Our many years of experience has helped us to develop an essential five stage process to finding, fitting, building and delivering the ideal power chair for your needs:

1. Initial consultation

This is a great opportunity to speak to one of our experts who can begin to understand your personal needs and make initial product recommendations. This often happens over the phone or in one of our stores.

4. Delivery and setup

The exciting part – when we deliver you your brand new power chair! We will setup the chair, show you how all of the functions work and provide advice on how to get the most out of your shiny new product.

2. Home visit and assessment

We will come to you at home and undertake a comprehensive assessment. This is fundamental in enabling our experts to fully understand your individual needs and usually takes around 2 hours. You can ask us any questions and try some of our wide range of products.

5. Aftercare

All of our Special Build power chairs come with a three-year warranty and callout as standard. Have a question or can’t quite remember a particular function? Simply call our friendly aftercare team who will be happy to help. Your ability is our priority!

3. Customisation
and build

We’ll recommend the ideal power chair for you. As part of the quote, we’ll include all of the custom features and optional extras that will make the chair uniquely suited to you. Our engineers will then assemble and fully test your chair to ensure everything is as it should be.

Ready to discuss your needs?
Our experts are waiting for your call.

Meet our Independence Experts


The world of Special Build power chairs is constantly changing with product advancements and innovations being introduced all of the time. No two chairs are the same, which means a thorough and up-to-date knowledge is key. Fortunately, our team of friendly experts possess many years of experience and are supported by regular training and strong relationships with suppliers and leading power chair brands.


Led by Gavin, who is often referred to as ‘a fanatic’ by manufacturers and customers alike, they specialise in understanding an individual’s needs and matching them to the optimum power chairs for lifestyle and budget. They are the ‘go to team’ for all Ability Plus customers with complex needs and simply love to see people getting the most out of their chair and life! Our customers are left knowing they are in the best product for their needs.

We offer a multitude of customisations

A Special Build power chair is just that – a power chair built especially for you! From extra comfy cushioning to the right combination of wheels. Customisation comes in all shapes and sizes and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here’s a selection of areas that are popular for add-ons and options:


Seating, rests and cushioning.


Drive Wheel Placement – Front, Mid, Rear.


Rise, tilt, recline, stand.


A host of bodywork and detailing colours.


Lights, controls, speed and more…


Cutting edge products from leading brands.

What our customers say…


"The brilliant powered wheelchair recommended and supplied by Ability Plus enables me to enjoy a full social life and essentially allows me to continue in full employment plus carry out the voluntary work that I love. Ability plus have always been there in the background offering the support and guidance that I need. This is my third powerchair with them and nothing has been too much trouble. On one occasion when I broke down in Maidstone, they were with me within the hour and loaned me a powerchair to use whilst mine was being repaired. My own powerchair was back with me the very next day."
Sue Groves MBE –
Disability Campaigner

Ready to discuss your needs? Contact our friendly experts…

‘We did not like the idea of purchasing one from the internet as we wanted to see it and feel how comfortable it would be. You just never know what is going to be delivered! I would recommend and use Ability Plus again.’

– Jean Bernard

I have been using AbilityPlus for a number of years now… I would never think of purchasing any Mobility items elsewhere. The service I have received over the years has been second to none! An honest, fantastic, caring company.

– Mr Arthur Smith

I bought from AbilityPlus… due to the care and compassion, and most importantly their knowledge of their products and the best back-up service around. Always a pleasure to see their happy faces.

– Mr P Bowman

See a taster of our Custom Build products


Customising to avoid pressure sores


As power chair owners spend a significant amount of time in their chair, seating is a crucial part of the process. Incorrect seating can lead to complications such as pressure sores building up. Short-term discomfort can advance to longer-term damage if pressure sores penetrate through the skin and fatty issue and begin to impact on muscles, tendons, ligaments and bone.


Advice and recommendations on appropriate seating for an individual’s needs are an integral part of the Ability Plus service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will a Special Build Power Chair cost?

A: Special build power chairs vary in price considerably depending on which added extras you have on them. On average you would be looking to spend around £6,000 but this chair would be built to last you a long time and can be adapted to suit changing conditions. Help is also available for eligible customers through the Motability Scheme. 


Q: What is the delivery time on a Special Build Powerchair?

A: Depending on the configuration you can be looking between 3-6 weeks for your chair to be built.


Q: Is there any training needed to use one of these products?

A: Whilst no official training it needed to use a custom build power chair we will always make sure you are completely comfortable using the chair and will always carry out a comprehensive handover of the product showing you how to operate your new machine. 


Q: How long does and assessment for a special build chair take? 

A: Typically 2 hours. We need make sure the measurements are taken and all options are discussed. 


Q: How do I know if I need a special build power chair?

A: Special build power chairs are aimed towards people with complex needs who require a power chair for mobility both outside and inside the home. People using special build chairs tend to spend the majority of the day in one. 


Q: Do I have to pay VAT on these products? 

A: If you suffer from a long term medical condition or chronic illness you will be subject to VAT exemption on these products. 


Q: Do I need a driving licence to drive a special build chair? 

A: No you do not. However we will never recommend a product that is beyond your capability to control in a safe manner.

Need some help? Call our friendly experts…

Did you know? Our Power Chairs are available under the Motability Scheme.
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