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Insurance in Partnership with Mark Bates Ltd


Why is it so important you insure your mobility products?

With how life is changing and people being more mobile than ever, it has never been more important to have your product insured. This is not currently a legal requirement but it does make sense. For your own piece of mind and your families as well. We at Ability Plus have been working with Mark Bates Ltd for many years as they do provide the most comprehensive insurance package for a great price. Even should you make a claim this will not affect your renewal. 


We do get people who think their home insurance will cover there product, to which it is true but only on the home grounds, and should you make a claim this will affect your renewal.


Mark Bates are a company who care as much as we do to keep you mobile and safe, so if you would like a quote or you would like to get covered give us a call. We can sort this out for you, and give you immediate cover.

We do understand this is not the most exciting of subjects but it is very important and has lot of benefits, a ten minute phone call can give you peace of mind, that we here for you.



Starting From £169

Mobility Scooters


Starting From £86

Riser Recline Chairs


Starting From £100

Electric Beds


Starting From £100


e lite t.jpg

Starting From £28

Power Chairs

edge 3.png

Starting From £181

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