Are you ready for a stairlift?

If you or a relative are starting to struggle to get up or down the stairs in your house then it is a good time to contact Ability Plus about having a stairlift installed to help. 


Stairlifts are more affordable that you think, they have minimal impact on your home but will have a huge positive impact on your day to day living. 


The process of purchasing a stairlift from Ability Plus is very straight forward and is outlined below. 

Lets get you back upstairs and enjoying the rest of you home!

Choose the Stairlift type that you are interested in:


Stairlift buying process

  • Contact Ability Plus by contacting your local store or use our handy messaging service online. 


  • Our team will arrange for one of our helpful members of staff to visit your property to conduct a free survey and discuss the options, as a guide we have outlined the various types of stairlifts available on our website. They will also explain how the stairlift works and how it will look in your house. 

  • We will leave you with a quote, no pressure selling!! However we can install very quickly if you need the stairlift urgently. 


  • If you decide to go ahead with the stairlift we ask for a deposit to secure the order the and an install date. This is usually 50% of stairlift price. 

  • One of our fully trained stairlift engineers will install the stairlift. Depending on the type of stairlift it can be done within 2 working days, the more complicated lifts can be installed within 4 weeks. The installation process can take anywhere between 2 hours and half a day. 


  • Once installed our engineers will give a full demonstration and training on the stairlift. When you are happy the final balance is paid. 

  • You can now relax and enjoy your stairlift from Ability Plus knowing that you are covered by warranty and breakdown for 3 full years.

Why purchase a Stairlift from Ability Plus?

All scenarios covered

No matter the type of staircase layout you have on the condition you suffer we can install the right stairlift for you. 


3 Years Warranty

Most manufactures will offer 1 years warranty on many products but at Ability Plus we give you 3 years. This is in-house warranty so you will only ever deal with us and it will be our own trained engineers that will carry out the work. 


We choose which stairlift manufactures we work with very carefully to ensure we put our name to the best quality products. This also means we have a close relationship with them meaning we can get genuine spares and parts very quickly. We also keep a good numbers of spares and parts in stock, meaning we can deal with any warranty issues within 24 hours. 


3 Years Breakdown

If your stairlift breaks suddenly and without warning it is good to know that, with any stairlift Purchased from Ability Plus, you can call us anytime and a stairlift engineer will be round to get you stairlift working again. Whether the breakdown is a complete part failure or as simple as a switch being turned off you will not be charged for the callout. 


3 Years Insurance

We can offer you insurance on all stairlifts purchased from Ability Plus for a small additional fee. 


Fully qualified engineers

Across Kent we have a number of engineers who have been fully trained by stairlift manufactures themselves to ensure they can carry out installs and repairs to the highest standards. 


Finance available

If you want to spread the cost the of the stairlift we can offer finance for 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. 

Stairlift removal

We are happy to remove Acorn and Brooks straight stairlifts as well as Stannah curved stairlifts completely free of charge, other makes and models may incur a charge. If you have moved house or no longer need your stairlift then get in touch using our freephone number 0800 046 1647 and take advantage of our stairlift removal service.

Stairlifts are very heavy due to the batteries and motors, so we do not suggest attempting to remove them yourself. Curved stairlifts for example are custom made to fit the customers staircase – they can be awkward to remove and require a couple of people.

Our engineers are fully trained and will quickly and efficiently remove any stairlift safely without causing any damage to your property.

Stairlift Buyback Guarantee

We will also buy back any stairlift we have installed subject to terms and conditions. If you need to find out if we installed your stairlift and qualify for our Buy Back scheme, please feel free to give us a ring on our free phone number or email us. If you are not sure which stairlift you have please don't hesitate to call us.

Call Us: 0800 046 1647

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