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What we offer

  • A wide range of quality products from leading suppliers

  • Independent advice, so you get the best solution for your individual requirements

  • Next day installation on approved Straight & Curved Stairlifts ( Subject to home assessment by fully qualified and experienced engineers )

  • A Comprehensive 12 Month Warranty on all stairlifts, which can be extended to a 5 Year Total Care Package, including warranty on all parts and labour ( Terms & Conditions Apply)

  • Quick & responsive call outs

  • Great communication throughout from planning to installation

Lets get you back upstairs and enjoying the rest of you home!

Stairlift Facts

• The stairlift rail is attached to the stairs and not the wall

• Most modern stairlifts operate on batteries which are topped up via a charging point

• All of our lifts have safety switches and anti-trap features

• Our stairlifts come with remote control and many more intelligent features • Our manufacturers include: Acorn, Brooks, Titan, Platinum and Flow


One Stairlift Seat For All

The ERGO seat is a revolution in stairlift design, offering unparalleled support, comfort and adjustability for users up to 160kg (25 stone) on Curve stairlifts and 140kg (22 stone) on the Horizon Plus straight stairlift.

Available on all Platinum Curve models, as well as the Horizon Plus, the ERGO is designed to give you the most comfortable ride possible, no matter your size or shape.

The ERGO seat pad and back are padded for extra comfort and are available in a variety of colours to complement the décor in your home. Check with your Platinum representative to see which colours are available.

The right-hand arm of the ERGO chair contains the directional wheel or joystick. Easily operated with just a single finger, the joystick controls the direction of travel and is also used to operate the swivel mechanism on models with powered swivel.

The left-hand arm of the ERGO contains a Digital Diagnostic Display. This lets you know that the lift is turned on, if it needs charging and which direction it is travelling in. In the unlikely event that your stairlift malfunctions, the display will also show a fault code, allowing your stairlift engineer to easily diagnose and fix the problem.

Safety is paramount and all ERGO seats are equipped with a retractable reel seatbelt, such as you would find on your car. They also feature pressure-sensitive safety edges on the carriage and footplate, which will bring the stairlift to a safe stop should it detect any obstructions on the stairs. This might be clothing, a cat or even grandchildren!

ERGO Stairlift Seat Models

When our Stairlift engineer measures your staircase to fit the rail, he will also work out the best ERGO seat option for you.

If you have shorter than average legs, your feet might not be able to rest comfortably on the footplate of the lift. If this is the case, you may benefit from an ERGO Plus pad, which features a specially shaped design to allow your legs and feet to reach the footplate. It also means that your knees are brought closer to your body, which can gain an extra 25mm of space – ideal for narrow staircases!

If your staircase is particularly narrow, then the ERGO Space can be used. This features a curved backrest, allowing you to sit further back into the seat. As the name suggests, this can gain even more space – 60mm or 85mm when combined with an ERGO Plus pad.

Stairlift Seat Built Around You

When your curved stairlift is installed, the engineer will take time to adjust the ERGO chair to your body shape. This will involve:

  • Height of the arms

  • Width of the arms

  • Forward/back position of the seat pad

  • Forward/back position of the seat back

Combined with previously selected options, such as the ERGO Plus or ERGO Space, your chair will be the perfect fit and ensure your journey up and down your stairs is as safe and comfortable as can be.

  1. ERGO Standard
    Adjustable seat back, pad and arm positions.
    Digital Diagnostic Display in arm
    Ergonomic joystick
    Retractable reel seatbelt Available in a variety of colours

  2. ERGO Plus
    Specially contoured seat pad
    More comfortable for users with shorter legs
    Brings in knees to save up to 25mm on narrow staircases

  3. ERGO Space
    Shorter, curved backrest
    Positions user closer to the wall
    Can save up to 60mm on narrow staircases or 85mm when combined with ERGO Plus pad.

Stairlift Removal


We offer a FREE stairlift removal service for some Acorn, Brooks and Stannah stairlift products!

We are happy to remove Acorn and Brooks straight stairlifts as well as Stannah curved stairlifts completely free of charge, other makes and models may incur a charge. If you have moved house or no longer need your stairlift then get in touch using our freephone number 0800 046 1647 and take advantage of our stairlift removal service.

Stairlifts are very heavy due to the batteries and motors, so we do not suggest attempting to remove them yourself. Curved stairlifts for example are custom made to fit the customers staircase – they can be awkward to remove and require a couple of people.

Our engineers are fully trained and will quickly and efficiently remove any stairlift safely without causing any damage to your property.

Our BuyBack Guarantee

We will also buy back any stairlift we have installed subject to terms and conditions. If you need to find out if we installed your stairlift and qualify for our Buy Back scheme, please feel free to give us a ring on our free phone number or email us. If you are not sure which stairlift you have please don't hesitate to call us.