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Total Care Package 

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Our Care Package Exclusive To Ability Plus!

Our Care Package Exclusive To Ability Plus!

Are you worried what will happen if your mobility equipment breaks down, or a part unexpectedly breaks? 

Do you have to pay a call out each time a problem arises?

The answer is No.

With Ability Plus we offer a 3 Year Warranty, 3 Year Breakdown and 12 Months of insurance included with your purchase of most of our mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs.* We offer this service so you do not have to worry if something does happens and be safe in the knowledge that we will be there to help. Furthermore, we will try our best to loan you a closely matched replacement product for you to use whilst your own product is being repaired and will keep in contact with you to let you know what is happening. 

Your Mobility Scooter or Power Chair is protected under our Total Care Package!

* Our Total Package is subject to your equipment being serviced by our trained engineers. We recommend that Mobility Scooters are serviced yearly - but second year and subsequent yearly services must be carried our for The Total care package to remain valid. Powered wheelchairs require yearly servicing for the Total Care Package to remain valid. Services should be carried out within one calendar month of the anniversary of the original purchase date. Please contact us if you require more details.

Give us a call to discuss your needs. 0800 046 1647
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