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Active Wheelchairs Products 

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What are experts say

"With our Specialist Active range of chairs, we know it can be hard to choose. That’s why we offer our FREE home assessment where we come to you and bring a selection of chairs for you to try before you buy. This means you get an unbiased approach and can rest assured we will help you find the perfect chair. The benefits of one of our Specialist Active chairs is that there are no limitations as to what we and our partners can achieve when it comes to building a chair. We understand it is more than your mobility - it's your lifestyle! As a local company we are never far away if you need us and our customers enjoy 12 months FREE call out and adjustments."

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Get Ready To Customise

Your Active Wheelchair should match your lifestyle and personality. From colour to cushioning to camber – customisation comes in all shapes and sizes! Here’s a selection of features that are popular for add-ons and options:


Colouring – from frames to detailing


Cushioning – Posture, pressure relief, breathable


Caster wheel size


Hand rims – Grip style, size


Frame – Folding and rigid


Wheel camber

Our product range…


Discover Your Perfect Chair with a FREE, no obligation, Home Assessment

We make finding the perfect Active Wheelchair fun and easy. One of our experts will come to you with at least three chairs to try. The detailed personal assessment lasts around 90 minutes and we complete the prescription form.

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Did you know – Active Wheelchairs with  power add-ons qualify for the Motability Scheme.
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