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Action 3 NG

From £640 RRP


The Action 3 NG is a chair that’s loved all over Europe. Its a Chair that can be prescribed to fit the user perfectly, without the high end price tag. This is a great “stop gap” chair, or a first chair for the user who may be in it for extended periods, and therefore your basic wheelchairs just won’t cut it! The Action range also comes in a large selection of colours, meaning you can customise your chair, this is because we know these chairs are an extension of your personality! Whatever your reason for choosing the action, we are sure you won’t be disappointed! With new Upgrades also Available, the action 3 can come as a new Action 3 Light model aswell, meaning you get all the same features you love, on a lighter chair!

from £640

The Perfect Active Wheelchair for you?
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We make finding the perfect Active Wheelchair fun and easy. One of our experts will come to you with at least three chairs to try. The detailed personal assessment lasts around 90 minutes and we complete the prescription form.

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