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Alpha 8

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PIP/DLA weekly rental*: £25.50

Maximum battery range per charge**: 40 km or(25 miles)

Maximum speed: 8 mph

Maximum user weight: 160 kg

*Weekly rental shows the relevant amount of your weekly allowance that each product will cost. Payments will be made directly to Motability Operations every four weeks.


**This is how far the product will travel on average once fully charged. This range is an estimation only and will vary by use, the type of ground, the weight carried by the product, condition of the motor and the charge level of the battery. Make sure you take into account your return journeys.

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  • Type: Large scooter
    There are three types of scooters available - small, medium and large.

  • Class: 3
    Class 2 products can only be used on the pavement and have a maximum speed of 4mph. Class 3 products can be used on the road, but must be registered with the DVLA and require road tax.

  • Make: One Rehab 

  • Tyres supplied as standard: Air Filled or Solid

  • Product weight: 125 kg

  • Battery: 2 x50 aH

  • Length: 125 cm

  • Height: 122 cm

  • Width: 65 cm

  • More information available on request.

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