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The 4Front 


The 4Front from £7,345.00

When to choose a front wheel drive 


Challenging Terrain

If you are planning on using your power chair primarily outdoors and on rough terrain that contain many obstacles then we recommend a front wheel drive power chair. We would also recommend it if your daily route consists of a lot of grass and fields. 

Here is why- Unlike mid wheel drive power chairs a front wheel drive will only have 4 wheels on the ground resulting in increased traction distributed between 4 wheels only. This results in unparalleled performance over soft terrain, grass and gravel. Because the power goes to the front set of wheels these will be the first wheels to encounter  an obstacle meaning it effectively grab the obstacle (Kerb, Rock etc.) and pull the chair over it with ease. 


Feet positioning

If you struggle with  restricted feet positioning on traditional power chairs then a front wheel drive chair may be the solution. 


Here is why- With front wheel drive chairs the drive wheels are positioned below where the user sits with no front castors to to get in the way of feet positioning. This means footrest options vary greatly, giving you an increased chance of getting your feet position just right. 


Tight Corners

If you need use your power chair indoors a front wheel drive chair will naturally negotiate a tight corner with ease. 

Ability Plus is proud to work closely with Quantum Rehab and would recommend the 4Front as its choice of front wheel drive chair. 

The 4Front  

The 4Front offers a capable front wheel drive power chair with the the best stability technology. The 4Front comes with SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) and CASE (Caster Angle Sensor Encoder) The envy of many chair manufacturers, to give you unmatched stability and control. With many possible options this chair can fit most people, with many conditions supported by this fantastic chair.

Want speed? How about going up to 6mph, or up to 3.5mph using the iLevel system. 

Who ever drives this chair will feel liberated but safe. 


Available in 14 colours.

 4Front prescription form 

Disclaimer: Ability Plus will not accept any prescription forms until one of our fully trained assessors have done a assessment 

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